Put to the Test: Critical Evaluations of Testing

Pregnancy, space discovery, financial institutions, electronic music, development aid, international migration and zoo design are rarely, if ever, discussed at the same workshop. What connects them is the fact that they all have been subjected to testing in society. The tests that were examined during the international workshop Put to the Test: Critical Evaluations of Testing which took place at Warwick in London last December, took various forms: from a

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Welcome to the CIM blog! The Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies already speaks through many channels — our research, teaching, writing, performances, posters, not to mention our stickers. But our Web site still lacked this category: it has “news” and “events”- but not “reports” and “comments”, even if CIM activities to date have, of course, elicited reports and comments. So we have added this blog, which will feature posts on CIM events, projects