Welcome to the CIM blog!

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies already speaks through many channels — our research, teaching, writing, performances, posters, not to mention our stickers.

Fig 1. CIM Stickers

But our Web site still lacked this category: it has “news” and “events”- but not “reports” and “comments”, even if CIM activities to date have, of course, elicited reports and comments.

So we have added this blog, which will feature posts on CIM events, projects and other relevant occurrences by CIM staff, fellows, visitors, students, as well as other occasional contributors.

For many years CIM has been dedicated to developing outputs, practices, instruments and insights that do not fit within a single disciplinary category. To continue expanding the space for work that is dedicated to, and in need of, the “more than one “ category, we now add this other channel.

Here’s to multiplying our forms of expression!

Noortje Marres (Centre Director, CIM)